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Self Portrait

Harold E. Philbrook 
Interdisciplinary Artist

Harold’s performances transcend the stage. With an interdisciplinary approach to constructing site-specific, time-based works, through sculpture, performance, installation, movement, drawing, and video,he choreographs environments as a vehicle to blur the lines between performer and viewer, and art and life. Where philosophy and composition meet, the ephemeral nature of these experiences separate thepoetic from the mundane.
He received a BFA degree in Graphic Design (’95) and Sculpture ('01) from Maine College of Art. over the past 20 years, Harold’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions and on stages across New England and Michigan.  He’s spent years teaching, choreographing, and performing with various studios and his works were featured in The Boston Globe, The Portland Press Herald, and Casco Bay Weekly. Most recently, he received an honorable mention by The Portland Press Herald, for his addition to the group show The Rumpus! at The Engine, in Biddeford, Maine. Harold was also chosen by DownEast Magazine's annual Art of Giving fundraiser, where four artists were been selected to show their work for one exclusive evening to guests of Down East and Northbridge.
Harold lives in southern Maine, where he is working on 2-dimensional works as “performance process drawings.” These are studies on character, open narrative, and the juxtaposition of relationships and materials. He is focused on expanding his time-based works to create environments that engage the public.

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